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Our expertise in floor finishes can help keep your property looking great.

An office building is something that you can purchase as an investment or something that you can utilize part of for yourself and rent out the rest. No matter how you run your Maryland office or commercial property, maintenance and repairs are always going to be an important process to protect your investment. Here at Monument Facility Services, we recognize that you want to not only keep the property clean and neat, but you also want to protect and improve some of the finishes. We are happy to tell you that we can not only clean your floors, but help you with your floor finishes as well.

Floor Finishes in Maryland

If you are looking for help with your carpet and tile floor finishes, we here at Monument Facility Services are able to assist you. We understand the needs and limitations of commercial flooring products like commercial carpeting and tile and are happy to help you make the most out of both of these materials. When it comes time to replace these materials for newer ones, we can assist you with both tile and carpet installation.

For most businesses out there, the way that your building looks says a lot about the company that you house. Whether it is your company or your tenant’s company, you still want your property to look great with great floor finishes. If you have questions about tile installation or carpet installation for your commercial property, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We would love to talk with you further!

At Monument Facility Services, we can assist with floor finishes in Virginia, including Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Tidewater, as well as Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Florida.


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