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landscape maintenance can make more work

Here at Monument Facility Services, we know that everyone wants to have a beautiful landscape, but not everyone wants to have to devote several hours a week to maintaining one. Many of our clients specifically ask for landscape plans that are low maintenance so that they can enjoy a gorgeous garden without having to put in grueling effort. In addition to helping you design a low maintenance landscape, our team also has many tips on how to get the most from your existing one for the least effort. Our experts at Monument Facility Services recommend you follow these steps for easy landscape maintenance:

  • Water Less- While this first one may seem counterintuitive, remember that water makes all plants grow, including weeds. To avoid making the environment overly hospitable to garden invaders, water your plants just enough to keep them happy. Over time, gradually decrease the frequency of watering to encourage your plants to develop deep roots that can get the water they need from the soil.
  • Remove Weeds Selectively- One aspect of landscape maintenance that can eat up a lot of time is weed removal. To avoid spending too much time on this perpetual battle, we recommend being more selective in which weeds you go after. Dandelion should be removed quickly, before it can spread and mess up your lawn, but clover and other grasses can easily blend in with your lawn and don’t need to be a priority.
  • Keep Pruning Natural- Another place that landscape maintenance can make more work for you is in pruning back trees and bushes. If you try shearing your shrubs into perfect spheres or cubes, then any amount of new growth will make them look shaggy. Pruning with hand clippers and making more naturalistic shapes will allow you to go longer between trims.

We at Monument Facility Services hope that these tips help you keep your landscape looking great without too much fuss. If you’d like more advice, you can call our team to consult with one of our landscaping experts.