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lawn care tips help you keep your lawn looking its best year round

Grass lawns are perhaps the most popular and well-known landscaping option in America. Here at Monument Facility Services, we understand how the state of your business’ lawn can send a message, which is why we want to help you keep your lawn looking great. We recommend following these three expert lawn care tips to keep your lawn looking its best:

  • Choose the Right Height– Most people mow their lawns too short. Cutting off too much stresses out the grass and inhibits root development. Instead, set your mower to the highest setting to shave off no more than a third of the length. This will shade the soil and prevent it from drying out as fast, while also blocking the sun from germinating weed seeds.
  • Water Deep– Water your lawn deeply just once a week, as opposed to more frequent shallow watering. A deep soak helps the roots dig further into the soil, while shallow sprinkles lead to a mess of brown runners on the surface. We at Monument Facility Services encourage you to know your soil type when watering: sandy soil will dry out faster, while clay soils will hold moisture longer.
  • Feed Regularly– Fertilize your grass periodically—in the spring and fall, and possibly in the middle of summer. Make sure to choose a complete fertilizer that includes micronutrients like sulfur and iron in addition to the standard nitrogen-phosphate-potassium combo; think of it like a multivitamin for your grass.

We hope that these lawn care tips help you keep your lawn looking its best year round. If you would like further lawn care tips, you can consult with our team at Monument Facility Services.