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Floor Cleaning Services in VA, MD & DC

With any type of building, both residential and commercial, you receive a lot of foot traffic. However, unlike residential areas, commercial buildings receive a higher volume due to the number of people who enter on a daily basis throughout the week. When it comes to flooring, companies will usually choose laminate, carpet, or vinyl. Laminate and vinyl have smooth, water-resistant surfaces that require little maintenance, while carpet is low pile, reducing dirt and debris buildup. Unfortunately, despite these benefits, floors go through a lot of abuse and require proper cleaning. What can you do? Maintaining great looking floors is vital in how others perceive your business, but who can you turn to that can offer the floor cleaning services you’re looking for? We at Monument Facility Services have your back.

Ensuring clean and well-kept floors is a specialty of ours. Should customers see poor flooring conditions, that can reflect badly on you and damage your company’s reputation. It can also pose a health hazard should water and spills be left unattended. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping remove these problems and providing a clean, immaculate floor. We offer customizable plans that can fit your budget and are geared towards your needs. In addition, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning products that will reduce future damage. At Monument Facility Services, our first-class floor cleaning services are unrivaled. Serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. over the years, we’ve built up a reputation for dependable services and quality customer service. Interested? Call us today and ask us about our