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When performing building improvements, we take your needs seriously and stand behind our work.

When you’re responsible for a commercial facility, it’s important to keep up with all necessary maintenance tasks. A building of any size requires both interior and exterior maintenance, along with regular improvements to keep it looking nice and functioning properly. At Monument Facility Services, we understand that many commercial property managers and owners don’t have the time to tackle their own maintenance and building improvements. In order to simplify your life, our team is here to provide all the services needed to keep your structure in great condition.

Building Improvements in Tidewater, Virginia

One of the building improvements that we can provide is finishing and refinishing flooring. If your structure has carpeting, tile, or another type of flooring, we can clean or replace it to refresh the appearance and remove unsightly stains. We can also perform wall finishing and refinishing, which is especially important in a commercial space. The walls in an office, warehouse, or other type of facility tend to take a lot of abuse, leaving them looking stained and worn. A fresh coat of paint and new paneling can make a big difference in the appearance.

We provide building improvements in and around Tidewater, Virginia. When performing building improvements, we take your needs seriously and stand behind our work. Our technicians are also available to perform assembly of new office furniture, shelving, and other essential items within the space. If you have a building improvement request that isn’t on this list, we’d love to chat and determine whether it’s something we can tackle for you.

At Monument Facility Services, we can assist with commercial improvements in Virginia, including Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Tidewater, as well as Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Florida.


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