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Our building improvements include floor and wall finishes, as well as assembly.

Owning a commercial property means that you not only need to worry about the finances and the tenants, but also about the maintenance of your property. Here at Monument Facility Services, we want to take that worry off your extensive to-do list! We are your one-stop shop for almost anything that you need in taking care of your property. We can handle regular building cleaning, ground care, property maintenance, moving and even building improvements.

Building Improvements

When we help you with your building improvements, we can help you in a few distinct areas, including:

  • Floor Finishes- Whether you need your tile or carpeting installed or cleaned, we can help you! With our expert installers, you don’t have to worry about the results. They will always be neat, tidy and professional.
  • Wall Finishes- Walls can take a surprising amount of abuse in a commercial space from people repeatedly running into them or running their hands along certain areas. We will help you with paint, paneling and tile installation as well as upkeep to ensure these spaces always look fresh.
  • Assembly- When you bring in some new office furniture, you don’t always have the time necessary to sit down and assemble it. Whether you need extra storage or extra furniture, we can make short work of either with our expert assembly services.

Our building improvements like those listed above are second-to-none. We know that you’ll enjoy and appreciate our expert assistance. To learn more about our building improvements, please give us a call today.

Building Improvements in Richmond, VA
Building Improvements in Hampton Roads, VA
Building Improvements in Chesapeake Bay, VA
Building Improvements in Tidewater, VA


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