Why Upholstery Cleaning Matters

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We at Monument Facility Services have extensive experience in building and landscape maintenance, and we want to help you keep your facility in great shape. Our team also has extensive experience in commercial cleaning, and we can help you keep your interior looking spotless. One of the many services we offer is upholstery cleaning, and in this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why upholstery cleaning matters.

Why Upholstery Cleaning Matters

•  Health – If you want to keep your staff and customers healthy, you need upholstery cleaning services. Over time, dirt particles, allergens, and germs will become trapped in your upholstery fibers, which can trigger people’s allergy symptoms or make them sick. Regular upholstery cleaning will remove these pathogens and prevent them from damaging your health.

•  Appearance – Upholstery cleaning also improves the appearance of your furniture. As dirt gets stuck in the fibers of your fabric, your furniture will start to look dingy and gross, but fortunately our cleaning services will make it look neat and clean once more.

•  Comfort – Dirty upholstery doesn’t just look bad– it often also feels worse to touch as well. Our upholstery cleaning services will ensure that your fabric remains soft to the touch so that your furniture remains as comfortable as possible.

•  Odor – Our upholstery cleaning services will also eliminate any odor-causing particles that may have become trapped in your fabric. If your office has started to smell musty, it’s possible that your dirty upholstery is to blame. Fortunately, our team will thoroughly clean your furniture and leave your space smelling fresh and clean once more.