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Upholstery Cleaning in VA, MD & DC
Commercial buildings hold many things; products, desks, and upholstery. You may not realize it, but upholstery takes a lot of wear and tear. At first, your chairs and sofas look great; however, over time the toll of use starts to appear. Stains, holes, and chips can make your furniture look worn and grimy, which is not the type of impression that you want to leave with customers and clients. You want to be able to maintain an air of professionalism and style, but what company should you choose to take care of all your upholstery cleaning? Look no further than Monument Facility Services.

Our competent team of technicians will take care of all your upholstery cleaning needs. Scheduling regular upholstery cleaning can benefit you in several ways. Regular cleaning will help to strengthen and shield your furniture from future wear, expanding the life of your upholstery and saving you money on replacements. Upholstery cleaning will remove dust mites – these pose a health risk in that dust mites feed off dead skin cells that are shed by humans, especially when we sit on furniture. These feeding sources, unless cleaned, will only increase dust mite population and result in allergic reactions and other symptoms. Finally, regular cleaning will give off a clean-cut, professional air that’s sure to impress customers and visitors alike. We’ve served the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas over the years. Our excellent upholstery cleaning services make us dependable and appealing to all our customers. Call us today to learn more.