Let us take over the tedious task of furniture and shelving assembly for your office space.

Owning a commercial property or office space is a lot of work. Not only do you need to make sure that your space is safe and hospitable, but you also need to maintain it and provide certain things for your tenants. If you are looking to improve your space with the addition of some new furniture or storage, then you might need some assistance with the larger task of assembling these new items. That is where our expert team here at Monument Facility Services comes in.


While you might be able to handle the assembly of one piece of furniture or one shelving unit just fine, you will quickly learn that your time would be better off spent elsewhere, especially if you are tasked with assembly of more than one unit. Instead of being stuck on the floor in a mess of parts and instructions, all you need to do is call our experts at Monument Facility Services and have us handle the assembly process for you. We have an expert team that is capable of handling your needs when it comes to assembly of office furniture, racks and shelves.

If you are looking to improve your office with some new furniture and shelving or need to start from scratch in a new office space with new furniture, then we here at Monument Facility Services would like to drastically reduce the time it will take you to set up. Our assembly services are available to offices of any size. To learn more about our assembly services, give us a call today!

Assembly in Richmond, VA
Assembly in Hampton Roads, VA
Assembly in Chesapeake Bay, VA


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