3 Signs Your Office Needs a New Carpet Installation

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Many commercial space owners choose to install carpet for both aesthetic and practical reasons. While quality carpet can last a long time when properly maintained, eventually a new carpet installation will be necessary to replace aging or damaged carpet. If you own or manage an office that has carpeted floors, here are three of the biggest signs to look out for that point towards needing a new carpet installation.

3 Signs Your Office Needs a New Carpet Installation

  1. Odd Smell – As years go by, it gets easier and easier for old carpet to hold onto strange smells. These smells can make it unpleasant to work and can even give people headaches depending on how strong the smell is. There are many reasons as to why a carpet may start to smell, but regardless of what odor is present on your office’s carpet, you may need a new carpet installation service to make sure you can get rid of the stench.
  2. Damages – Is your carpet frayed, coming apart, or otherwise damaged? If so, you’ll need to get it replaced sooner rather than later. Old carpet with visible damages can quickly become a tripping hazard. You don’t want people tripping and getting injured at work, so minimize the risk of people falling and replace the carpet when necessary.
  3. Aesthetic – The appearance of your office is important, so even if there isn’t anything wrong with your carpet practically or safety-wise, you may want to replace your carpet if the design is outdated or otherwise an eyesore.

We offer carpet installation as one of our many services here at Monument Facility Services, so if it’s time to replace your business’s old carpet, give us a call today.