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Handyman ServicesWhen you have a small repair job in your home or office, calling handyman services can ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and doesn’t become a larger issue. It can be confusing to know which problems warrant calling a professional. Here we give you some of the most common reasons why people seek out our handyman services and what some of the common resolutions are.

  • Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting and Repair: In both homes and offices, garbage disposals are important. Garbage disposals chop up remnants of food to make it easier to flush them down your kitchen pipes. These machines are often not meant to handle large portions of food. They are meant for small scraps that get washed into the disposal. If someone’s washed down too much food, or problem foods like coffee grounds, your disposal will likely clog. Luckily, handyman services are often used to correct such problems. We will investigate the clog and check to make sure the blades are working properly.
  • Squeaky or Loose Doors: Squeaky or loose doors are irritating. Sometimes a simple oil greasing isn’t enough to get a door to quit making noise. It could be that the frame isn’t aligned properly or the internal component of a hinge is the squeaky culprit. A handyman can help find the problem and solve it.
  • Crumbling Plaster or Cracks in Walls: Cracks can appear when houses or office buildings age. You might also get some crumbling plaster in areas that are hit with carts or other objects. Patching plaster or cracks is usually quick and inexpensive. If you experience this problem, calling a handyman straight off will keep the issue from growing.