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Four Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Services Provider
At Monument Facility Services, taking advantage of our commercial cleaning services is a great way to save your business money on janitorial costs. However, before any cleaning services company comes to clean your building for the first time, there are a few questions you should ask:

  1. Cleaning ServicesWhat Cleaning Products Do You Use? When we provide cleaning services, we always use certified green cleaning products. We care about helping out the environment while also using products that will thoroughly clean your facilities.
  2. How are Hard-to-Clean Spots Taken Care Of? We want to help you eliminate germs and grime from your workplace. For this reason, we will identify areas that could be extremely dirty when we come to your location for the first time. For instance, if we notice that there is an office fridge that everyone uses on a daily basis, we will pay special attention to this area.
  3. What Floor Care Options Do You Provide? From daily foot traffic to food spills, so many different things can harm the appearance of your workplace’s floors. If you have hardwood floors, we will help you protect them with the right type of finish. Or, if you have carpet in your workplace, we will check with the manufacturer to determine how best to take care of it.
  4. What Happens if I Have a Question? Communication is something we value at Monument Facility Services. If you ever have a question about our cleaning services or you want to add a new service to your plan, just give us a call.