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designing the right landscaping for your business

Here at Monument Facility Services, we understand that everyone wants the outside of their business to look just as great as the inside, and that includes having beautiful landscaping. Over the years, our team has a helped many, many people create the lush landscapes they’ve always wanted for their business. As we know from experience, the success of any landscape is largely dependent on the planning stage. If you are planning on redoing your landscaping, then we at Monument Facility Services recommend keeping the following things in mind:

  • Soil Type- Different lawns have different types of soil, and your landscaping decisions are going to largely depend on what kind of soil you have. Different species of plants have different needs when it comes to soil content and consistency—certain species need loose, sandy soil; others, dense clay; and so on. Our team can test your soil and help you select plants that will thrive in your particular micro-environment.
  • Where’s the Sun? Most people know that different plants need different amounts of light in order to stay healthy. What fewer people consider is how the sun is going to factor into the sightlines from their windows. Consider where the light will be at different times of the day, and how that will affect the appearance of your landscaping from your office.
  • Consider the Flow- Just like the floor plan of a property, a successful landscaping design should have a logical flow in how people move through the space. Try to visualize your landscape as distinct “rooms” and think about how to make the path that connects them natural and inviting.

We at Monument Facility Services hope that these tips help you get started in designing the right landscaping for your business. If you would like an expert opinion, you can call our team to consult with one of our experienced designers.