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Lawn Care Services in VA, MD, & DCLawn care services are something that most people only think about around the beginning of spring and keep on thinking of through the end of summer.  However, if you truly want to have a lush, gorgeous lawn in the spring and summer months, you need lawn care services that will be performed year-round.  Before you chuckle to yourself and wonder what kind of lawn care services could possibly be performed in the autumn or winter, let us assure you, there are a few, and they are important.

Each season has its own lawn care items that will aid in keeping your lawn healthy.  For example, in the autumn, it is important that you provide your lawn with the right amount of water, since too much will cause just as much harm as too little.  You also want to ensure that your lawn is cut properly in order to prevent disease.  If you want to strengthen your lawn, you need to fertilize it in the autumn.  The final lawn care item to have completed prior to the arrival of winter is to have your grass cut short, which will protect any new grass growth from damage.

During the winter months, there isn’t as much lawn care to be done, but the two most important things that you can do include keeping it clear of any tools toys, furniture, sticks, or other debris and keeping it free of foot traffic that would destroy the lawn.  While we can’t be there to chase off everyone who wants to tread on your lawn throughout the winter, we can provide you with tips on how to keep it safe until spring.

You are probably well-aware of what you need to do to care for your lawn in the spring and summer months, so we won’t cover those items here.  However, if this regimen of lawn care seems to be more than you are willing or able to perform on your own, consider calling on us to provide you with our specialized lawn care services.

At Monument Facility Services, we are experts at providing our customers with beautiful lawns.  We know the care that needs to be taken for each lawn, each and every season.  You can rely on us to be prompt, thorough and professional when offering our lawn care services.  Call on us today.