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Snow Removal Services in Maryland

Cold, dark, windy, and wet are four words that describe the winter months. In addition to these words, we can add hazardous and slippery. While there isn’t much that can be done to eliminate the cold and dark winter conditions, our team at Monument Facility Services can help keep you safe with our snow removal services. Our services remove the hazardous and slippery conditions from your commercial building.

At Monument Facility Services, we remove snow from your parking lot using heavy-duty vehicles and equipment that allow us to get to your property. We will ensure the weather will not threaten your business’ ability to open.
In addition to parking lot snow removal, we will clear your sidewalks, walkways, railings and stairs. There is no need to gather a bunch of employees to shovel or salt; that is what we are here for! At Monument Facility Services, we want you to stay warm and dry.
There are many more benefits of hiring snow removal services that can save you money. You and your employees can avoid injuries, as snow removal can be dangerous. In turn, this reduces liabilities that your company could be responsible for. There is also no need to purchase and store removal equipment, which saves you storage space.
Not only can we keep you warm and dry this winter, but we can also keep you safe and save you money. At Monument Facility Services, we are proud of our reliability to our customers. With our snow removal services, you can sleep easy, knowing we will take care of your snow removal.