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Parking Lot MaintenanceBusiness owners need the outdoor portion of their properties to be welcoming and beautiful to give their potential customers a good first impression. If the asphalt or concrete in your business parking lot is crumbling, trust in your business can be damaged. Here are some of the preventive parking lot maintenance items that can curb damage and lengthen the life of your outdoor spaces.

  • Pavement Marking- Keeping parking lot lines and markings fresh will help your customers know where to park. This can keep people from getting into accidents and help to clearly show where handicap spaces are for those who need them. As part of your regular parking lot maintenance, hire professionals to redo areas that have peeled or become faded. With quality products, your striping can look fresh for years before needing a touchup.
  • Asphalt Patching- It’s irritating to potential customers to have to dodge pot holes in your parking lot. Keeping asphalt patched can prevent you from needing to replace large pieces of your asphalt. This type of parking lot maintenance helps to save you money in the long run and is quicker than larger-scale projects.

Concrete Maintenance- Concrete curbing is an integral part of creating a logical flow through your parking lot. Curbing can prevent cars from cutting through areas and relieve parking lot congestion. When this concrete curbing has gone through a few winters, it can crumble or crack.

At Monument Facility Services, our professionals in parking lot maintenance can patch or replace concrete to keep the outdoor space of your business looking and functioning well.